Jagged Teeth

Porous dentals drenched in coffee beans and nicotine smile.
Whisper in thick pungent breaths.
Say my teeth are crooked,
That something must be fixed.
May the crucifix of colgate spare me from your wrath,
But you show me that my relic will not preserve my smile.
So go ahead.
Strap me down and drug me.
Extract what you don’t like and destroy me from the root.
Grit my pink swollen gums and drool blood on blue bib
As Pleasantry snags like floss on jagged teeth,
And leaves its history indented in plaster,
Because dentures are nice
And plastic smiles are more manageable.

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    This Poems Story

    Sometimes the pressures of conformity and artificial presentation can become overwhelming. Also the dentist annoyed me growing up.