Jail Cell

My thoughts are better in then out
because i am in and not out , I must pick and choose
i must whisper what is meant to be shout out loud
there is no excuse, this place is like a tortured baby .
It takes away innocence
and drives you crazy day by day
you must obey ,Locked in a 4x4 cell alone
see this is my temporary home
because i ,at 21 am a disgrace to society
ive had a rough childhood
and everyone lied to me
im so ready to just move away
and start over
because i am a sinner
i always have to look over my shoulder
i used to be a soldier
but nothing changes as i age older
i have never felt so useless in my life
more so of the effects of a gun
no a knife with each slice
im closer to death
im sick of all these test
i am weak and full of bitterness
when will i ever win ?

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