Jaime, This Has Gotten Too Crazy

(Fixed Copy)

It only takes a moment for the demon to perpetrate.
You will never see it coming until its already too late.
Then you will be interrogated, invaded ...
Such a pain to face.
No, you will never ask to sit in such a hot seat.
Each time you will break piece to piece until you repair.
If you ever repair.

I'm so sorry Jamie, I was scared.
I had the words, not the air.
And Mom already told you the story,
So why did you insist I relive the burning?

But I'm ready to talk,
This is no longer just about me.
To your office I will walk,
Without overthinking a thing.
I promise not to be weak,
ever again in that hot seat.

I'm ready to heal.
Show me how to finally deal.
I cannot repair by myself.
I cannot escape the hell.
And I've got a little boy now,
That needs my help.
Show me how to steal back the world that was mine.
It's been quite some time,
And peace has yet to arrive.

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