Headphones in, head down
Her eyes were lifeless, hardly ever leaving the ground
Once full of life, looked as happy as could be
She fooled everyone, she even fooled me

As the seasons changed so did she
Rumors spread, people talked
She was tormented, harassed, and mocked

Her once good friends left her alone
Her mother yelled, her father hit
She tried to cover the bruises, but you could still see them a bit

Rumors still spread; she was called a lot of names
She tried being strong but her efforts went up in flames

Her friends spread rumors, her family killed her spirit
The end was close and she was near it

Could no one tell? Could we not see?
Or did we just not want to believe?
She was falling fast and no one was there to catch her

The announcement at school shocked us all
Could we have stopped her from taking this fall?
Tears were shed, that day was dark
Rest in peace Jamie you're forever in our hearts

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