Jasmine Richards

You may have hurt her
But you will never silence her
Sew her lips together
You still couldn't take her voice
Bound by oppressing oppressors
Locked away for ninety days
You'll never take her voice away
No matter what you do
Her people know the truth
This is social injustice at its worst
They rather let rapists go free
Instead they lock you up because they see you as the enemy
Why, because they couldn't silence you
They couldn't quiet you
They want to control you
Make you conform to society's standards
And when you don't
Mamas please put your hands up
Try as they might
They could never win this fight
As long as you're breathing
You can still pick up a pen and write
Even when they try to quiet you
Turn to the ones who know the truth
Screaming for you
Free Jasmine
They will never silence you

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