You're stars in the sky

I am the night

I am a peach

You are the seed

What would a book be,

Without words

A burger

Without a patty

You are the sun

In my rain

And the songs i try and sing

You complete my day

And end my night

You are the morning, midday, afternoon & night

Without you would monsters give me a fright

Would my day go past and would i sit in sorrow

Would i try to cut all the pain away

I wouldn't be able to mend those cracks in my heart

You will always be here with me even if you died

I can trust you with words no one else may know

You are the gold to my chain

The cowlick in my hair

And the tears on my cheek

If you are ever mad at me

One day we will be one

Maybe soon maybe far but one day to come

I will hold you and love you you'll always be mine

Date you, engage you, marry you

We will have kids and teach them what real love is

Our story will end well nothing the less

If you will only be mine

You little princess

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