The Jaybird cries softly, as through his heart you stare.
His feathers have since fallen, his world left bare.

Do you see me, as I see you.
Clovers of four grace the path of such golden treasure.
It's worth beyond wealth for which you cannot measure.

Do I see you, as you see me?
Bits and pieces offered up for the taking.
Release my grip from the remnants that I keep breaking.

Do you see me, as I see you?
Alive eternally in every moment spent in those eyes.
Risen from the ash of abandoned dreams allowed to die.

Do I see you , as you see me?
Fallen from the angels reach, passed over from their grace and mercy.
Allowed to roam the roads of deceit as reward and courtesy.

Do you see me, as I see you?
Touching each moment as the sunlight touches the day.
It's rays smile like children hard at play.

Do you see them, as I need you to?
Where charlatans are chanting of passing affection.
Grown fat with promise as part of their collection.

Do you see us, and all we will be?
In silence grows hope that is handsomely fed.
The two faced take toll when truth rears its head.

His spirits have lifted
his wings feel light as air.
In your soul he sees nothing,
as if it was never there.

You don't know me,
you I never knew.

With a new coat the Jaybird will fly leaving memory behind.
The shadow of you will fade as peace he will find.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about assumptions . The desire to be seen, and accepted for who you are , your true self.