Your words,
Like lost golden jewels, Prince of night
Flash bright in the darkness
Leading us home

Take us now to the deep elder forests
Let us lie beside the ancient lake
The foreboding trees can only whisper
Truths mumbled by the breeze

Prophet born among us
Gone away too soon
But at the perfect time as
You fulfilled your doom

Did you know that you were going
Did you feel it in your Soul
Did you question that feeling of
The ever-mounting gloom

Are your questions all now answered
Is your Soul finally at peace
Back here where we still mourn you
Welcome death’s sweet release

This life is made of artifice
Cloaked in deceitful time
Our hearts still long to know you there
In the Universal Mind

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This Poems Story

This poem is one in a series of poems about a life-long connection I have had with a poet who is now deceased. His influence and vision continue to enthrall myself as well as thousands of others-