Je suis une femme

I cant believe i still cry over you
i cant believe i still wanna try times 2
I cant believe i dont question why and who
I see yo flaws and red flags my heart still wants to drag im tryna pick it up its making me mad i wanna be over u so bad
But love wont let me win
Its hard to settle for just a friend
The peace that kept me still
taught me i can be loved its real
Jus so u can break my heart in the same deal
We had plans that satisfied our goals and demands
To this day i dont understand what made it end i blame myself when i know i shouldn't
Anger towards you i just couldn't cuz something in me always knew but i I turned away from the clue cuz it made me blue
I knew when u went away u wasn't only my bae
I was your secret
You were determined to keep it
Played blind when i peeped it
Took u a minute to answer when i speak it
Are u only mine and every time
She replies u dont have to worry
I plead for her not to hurt me
She kiss me
in her eyes i see
the situation tricky
We a match good energy
Unexpectedly attached bonded chemistry
I must be a fool cuz i love her and enjoy her memory

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