Jealousy Is Watching

Jealousy is Watching
The evil eye sees.
Blindness is not how to be.
Disrespected, envied, or hated.
Alone I waited.
Safe in solltude at "home".
Inside is better & quiet.
I dislike noise.
Temperature has to he just right.
The air & the water.
Not too hot or cold.
Conflictions is not what I am after.
Controversy is not what I am about.
I wish you not to speakth my name.
To return from where you came.
I wish to remain the same.
Despite the past to blame.
To be as I were.
Self known & home grown.
Like a weed from a planted seed.
Texted & not phoned.
Censored online & not followed.
Never corner me or you will void what's hollow.
A nobody & nameless.
With my own face but fameless.
Unadmired & unreachable.
Instalked now & later.
Doing what matters.
Unvoted & gathered.
I will try to keep my opinions & thoughts to myself.
To be a private person.
Unknown & unpopular the way it has always been.
© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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