Jenn’s Big Moment

I was getting ready for the game,
I practiced all last night
I was playing with my best friend Jane
but we couldn't get it right
after school we practiced, practiced all day long
And then we went to music class to learn a whole new song
Many of the other girls, came over here to cheer,
But they couldn't get our spirits up
How I wished that Jenn was here.
Jenn was our best player and we knew that for the truth
She would keep on playing even if she lost a tooth
Practice was going nowhere and I was ready to scream
Jane said, "Look, here come's the other team!"
"What are you doing here?" I said with burning rage.
"I'm here to see the competition."
Said my Ex-best friend Paige.
"If you are gonna make fun of us then don't speak at all."
The other team responded with.
"Be quiet Jane, you're not that tall.
I flipped my hair and told them to get outta here
After that all the girls started to cheer.
The other team was very tall,
poor Jane has missed the ball.
It's not possible we cannot win
the crowd was screaming, "here comes Jenn!"
"Go, go Jenn score that ball!"
"The other team said, she's not that tall."
That day, the team didn't win but they still said, "Good Job Jenn!"

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