Let the stars burn to crisp
And let the moon hide her beauty
Let the sun hide her face
And let the earth stand still
For the rains came to stay.
The pain of losing a loved one
The joy of having a newborn
These I cannot feel.
For even Lilies when grown on the path of death,
Lose their beauty.
Surely, flowers do not bloom in dark rooms
Neither does trust thrive on lies.
Let the one who has a kid make merry
And let the one who don't rejoice.
Let the sun hide its face
And let the moon hide its light.
Let's walk in the darkness of our blind eyes
And let's see how far we go.
What is light to the blind man?
Isn't it just a fiction of hope?
And what is darkness to him than his sight?
We are but living in the sight of the blind man.

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