Jesus In The Storm


The storm rose up, the rain of discontent begun
to pound, strong winds bring in worry and
sickness is surrounding me. The rain beat
upon my brow, wondering what next as my
heart burst into tears that mingled
with the rain.
I could not see for the storm was blinding me.
I stopped looking around. I looked up and saw for
the first time who was walking towards me.
The wind though raging in my pain, I saw Jesus
walking on the storm and the rain.
The weeds that grew up in my life bowed on its knees
before him. The wind begun to subside and the
storm clouds cleared. Jesus did not leave, He
remains near.
I continue to focus on him, my eye sight no longer
blurred, but clear. The storm passed away.
In the sunshine or rain, Jesus promises are true
and forever remain. His love never changes.
He is present in the storm and rain even in the midst
of the day. He spoke and the wind bowed and obeyed.
He walked on the storm that attempted to swallow me.
He took the storm and purged my heart, it lead to a
path of a new start. I shall never forget the days in
my life, when the wind was raging in my pain.
I saw Jesus walking on the storm and the rain.

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