Jesus Is A Lie

The pastor is a lie
Wearing his white tie
Black women occupying the church seats
Listening to the sermon screaming "preach"
While the pastor goes on and on
Listening to lies that'll destroy you like a sad song
How could you believe such fairy tales
Lies that say if you don't believe your condemned to hell.
Stuff that can't be proven
Lies that can often make a profit and have a lot of lose ends
Forcing people to convert through assimilation
Forcing people to believe in the book of revelation
Going on these horrific crusades
minds of people easy to persuade
Slaughtering millions on a mission
given an indulgence before they commit sin
Religion so many parallels
Blacks occupying so many cells
Plagirized off of African tradition
blacks stuck in a European prison
Gullible minds
Justifying crimes with bible lines
Putting all hope in what the slave master taught em
Killing all people who thought to oppose em
Well I guess I'm going to hell
For what? Not believing in Jesus can't you tell
so keep paying that tide
Because the facts still remain jesus is a lie

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