Jewels Falling From The Sky

What is that wet joy that falls from the sky,
Dipping and dashing, to low, from high

What’s this mjagic that tickles my face,
Soothly falling the down, with massive amounts of grace

Sparkiling and twinkiling, like faries flutering down,
Sprinkiling their majic all over town

Rain is this majic, this joy beyond the rest,
Falling from the sky on this waters majic quest

Rain falls when the heavens open up,
It’s gods beutifull tears

Sprinkiling silence all around town,
Giving the sky a giant, beutifull crown

It opaque color, a spectrum of light,
Gives the illusion of power and fright

What is there that rainbows tell,
What is there color cell?

Rain is mysterious, but beutifull too,
I find it amazing, dont you?

More than wetness, but less that ice,
It is as mysterious as the roll of a dice

But yet i love it day and night,
I love its feel, i love even its sight

I am not one of those people who put an umbrella high,
Ignorring the beutifull wave from the sky

Arms stretched out high, nose in the air,
Mouth open, wet hair

Standing there, wet, damp, and cool,
I feel as though a queen given rule

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    This Poems Story

    While most people open up there umbrellas when it starts to rain, i go outside and dance in it, marvelling as the heavens open up to mortals... At least that is how i see it! But i will never forget the nights i spend splashing in those crystal puddles, jumping through the muddy grass puddles.