Jim Halpert

Sorry, I'm a little cyanotic
I've got that condition, indigo blues
Did I mention? I'm agnostic
Three things can't go without:tattoos, world news, hitting snooze
I've got those liberal views

I say sorry too much
An article said compensate with a thank you
Thank you, I'm a little cyanotic? (Not a nice touch)
I'm vegetarian. Can't eat barbeque
I can point out a Phillip screw

My heritage is that of an introvert
Scrubs, not clubs, that's my scene
Could you be my Jim Halpert?
I'm white like the polar caps, let's get sunscreen
What is morning without a source of coffee bean?

This is an awkward dance
I could get use to this melody
I hope you think of more than what's in my pants
I think cola tastes a little lemony
Let's be eachother's remedy

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