Why is it that African Americans are categorized as "Black",
when it is completely obvious that amongst the different shades,
we are undeniably brown?

Black is the absolute absence of color,
yet we emulate each and every shade of brown imaginable,
I declare we are not without color!

Does it not puzzle you that, by classification we are without color,
yet in the time of unwavering suffering and oppression,
we were, among many other names, deemed, "colored"?

Why is it that we compete with each other?
Why is it we fight amongst ourselves,
about the different shade of pigmented brown our skin bares?

I'm not sure who told our lighter toned women
they were better than everyone else,
but let us not forget,
that kitchen was still used to degrade your heritage.

Does no one else notice the Crow,
as dark as night, that sits on the throne of division?
I would inform you that of our lustrous shades,
none sit at his right hand.

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