Jogging Anxieties

Sometimes I actually think I'm special in some way,
Even though I can't engineer,They say I'm worthless,
I guess I got an injured ear, I can't figure skate,
I figure I'll skate around this topic,
And find a way to just weight my options,
I think I'm worthless,
And what lessons my worth is the fact that my opinions have no worth,
I'm locked in,
From the train of thought that was brought in,
And the tracks that I followed were rotten,
Because they were led by "forget you" and "you can't make it,"
My heart, what it makes? Can't you see it's greatness?
I'm different that's why I'm depressed,
And you'd think because I'm Indian,
I would be spiritually inclined to go up without a treadmill,
Though my anxieties have me jogging in place,
In place of my heart being welcomed with open arms,
They see my flaws, hold tight like a snake gripping on to its prey,
I pray one day that I will stop seeing violence and see violins,
Birds chirping,
People loving me for me and not wanting me to be,
Something they dreamt they'll see,
I sea through the oceans that are wide in thought,
But I get blocked when my happiness gets swallowed at the Bermuda,
Who'd think I was similar to Luda,
While my emotions go south, how, when, where, what and why?
Questions arise to my demise, them eyes, my face,
May look happy in joy,But I enjoy my life alone,
I think I'm worthless..

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