I never thought I'd lose myself
In the memory of his touch.
I never thought I'd find myself
Missing him so much.
I always thought I knew how life
Was supposed to turn out for me.
What I didn't know
Was that I gave away
The one who could set me free.

I wish I could tell the girl I was,
About 3 years ago,
That I had already found the love I dreamt of
And to never let him go.
Now I'll live my days with so much regret,
Because that man who used to love me
Has found a new love.
And they have made a home.
And are planning to get married.

A girl named Jess has stolen his heart.
The heart that could have been mine.
But it seems as though they're truly in love.
As for my heart, It should be fine.
One day the pain and regret shall surely pass,
And I'll accept the choices I've made.
All because I gave up,
Two people found love.
I'm left with the memory of Jose.

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