I'm just a tourist in the city of these strange thoughts
A place without hope where my philanthropic brain rots
Waking up to grief & pain sleeping in a stained coffin
People lacking smartness cuz living's not a paid job
All the emotions vanished now wickedness is way common
The world is too beautiful
But pretty things can't change all
Following the footprints
Walking on bridges made of dead lost-
dreams so ever decision that's made wrong
is a ticket to the hell y'all

Relations are insignificant money's what they kill for
Egocentric attitude everybody's filth swarmed
They say you write your own life
Every book is a grimoire
This is habitat of the demons, land of the sinners
All the madness and evilness masked with a grin and
Rashness and meanness is true attribute of people
And every man's in agreement with absence of feelings
A stone labelled as heart placed in the chest cavity
The dome's scary and dark with messed up mentality
Looking at the future
through the lense of evolution less clarity
It is evident this questionable revolution
ends tragically

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