Journey on One Foot

Too slow. Frustrated. Why can't I move faster?!
Sad. Lonely. Why can't I do this?
Yelling. Screaming. Ouch! That hurts!
Two extra bones now surgically removed, an anchor added.

School. Crutch. Crutch. Crutch. "Wait up!"
"Come on. Let's play soccer!"
Sadness. Left alone. I wish I could play.
Sigh. uuuh!

More sadness. I just can't play anything!
My best friend not wanting to hang out with me.
She doesn't know how to help me through this.
Can't you just be a friend?

Boot, cast, crutches, boot. After three months, finally, freedom!
But I find I need to learn to walk again, supporting my own weight.
Still no running, cutting, or soccer. Frustrating. Oh, frustrating!
A wrong move and I'd tear the anchor out and be back where I started.

But wait! I realize how blessed I am.
I can coach from the sidelines, give encouragement, and be happy.
Now I know how to be a good friend and support others.
Now I know. I can do hard things!

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