Journey to the Lightside

My friends used to say, "Look on the bright side."
But Darkness and I always seemed to collide
I tried to push my problems away
But they just popped back up anyway
I wished to be the best
But sometimes that required a great challenging quest
I could be anyone
Because myself just didn't seem like fun
People said, "I needed to be...."
But I just wanted to feel free
Now I can persevere through my problems
Now I can stack them into imaginary columns
Now I can feel free
But still be me
Now I can look on the bright side
Now Darkness and I don't collide
Now I feel I don't need to be anyone else
Now I can be myself
Now I know how I feel
Now I can live for real
Believe that there is a bright side
Find your own path to ride
Be yourself
And no one else
Be proud to be you
And spread those smiles too

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