Journey To the Stars

Have you ever seen the stars?
the specks of sparkle in the dark sky,
the luminous pictures that make you ask, “Why?”
No, you couldn’t possibly understand,
for stars look so different on land.
Their luminosity is suppressed
by the atmospheric viscosity.
Their radiance diminished,
glory finished.

In the cosmos, puffy clouds of seahorse nebulae
glow more than northern aurorae.
black holes, behemoths in a book,
suck up wonder in one look.

But it is the luminaries of this universe
which alleviate a bit of this world’s curse.
Oh say, in the cosmos you can see,
how the stars spangle gloriously.
Rocketing red solar flares,
dying like bombs bursting in air.
Gleaming giants red, white, and blue
in earth’s majestic spacious skies flew.
Radiate they may, twinkle they do not,
but to know that,
you ought to become an astronaut.

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