How can I fight these demons when I'm paralyzed
Every night they crowd around my bed and look me in the eyes
God forgive me I have no strength to fight
Please just help me get through one more night
Thought I found salvation in a syringe; it was only false
Looking back it makes me cringe; over the time that I lost
With bloodshot eyes I taste the tears of my past
Sanity is slowly slipping is this feeling going to last?
I have to find a way to get off my tattered knees
I have to find a way to stitch this wound that bleeds
Watch the sunset in the west
Feel my heart quicken in my chest
Another dark night comes creeping in
Another dark night just me and my sin
The southern wind whispers my name
A multitude of reasons I'll never be the same
Can I defeat this? only time will tell
Finally on my feet walking through the hell
Keep on driving toward the light
keep on fighting the good fight
I got this I can do this
its all on me I can get through this

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