Joy is a good thing to have
Although too much is bad
There’s joy in the world
Everywhere we look
Some are just too blind to see it
They are blind to wonders we have
Their eyes are shut to due a lock
A lock on their hearts, soul and wonders
Their imagination to see the wonders
Some are too down to earth
They need to be light as air
Light as water
Light as light
Light as fire
They need to be one with mother nature
They need to break free from their chains
Break free from themselves
Break free from those who hold them down
Break free from those who hold them back
We all need to spend 3 months out with mother nature
Mother nature gives us each a job
A job to make our home a better place
Not everyone understands nor listens
Without mother nature we would all be dead already
We be nice to mother nature she’ll be good to us
Once we turn on her everything is a battle
A battle to see who’s stronger
Everyone says mother nature is weak
But what if they’re wrong
What if we are the weak ones
What if mother nature is trying to make us strong
Only way to be strong like mother nature is to become one with her
Only way to become one with mother nature
Don’t worry, be free, let go of all your feelings
Don’t be so down to earth
Be up in the air
Be the air
Be the ground
Be the wind
Be the plants
Be the water
Be the animals
Be mother nature
Only then,
Only then you’ll feel the true meaning of joy
From joy comes freedom
From freedom comes happiness
From happiness comes love
From love comes marriage
From marriage comes kids
And from kids comes joy
Joy is everywhere
We can see joy as long as we open our hearts to it.

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