Joy After Pain

My heart aches from the pain within-
when you have been hurt that bad, how do you let someone else in?
The lonely nights I begged you to hold me close.
Oh! How I tried to make things work, over and over again.
I gave it my best shot
but instead of recognizing my efforts,
you just asked if that was all I had?
How silly of me to even try,
when all you did was sit back and watch me cry.
You denied me love and affection for far too long.
I can't stand the sight of you anymore,
because to me, so many times you have closed your door.
Every time you denied me it hurt to the very core-but not anymore.
For I learnt to love myself through it all,
and I fill my life with pleasure, laughter and happiness.
I must say I'm truly blessed,
for I was able to love myself in ways you were not able to.
Joy after pain, and now I'm able to love again.
You weren't the end of me, so now I love effortlessly.

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