Joy from Grief

"Did not she cry until an age of three?"
the farmer asked his wife, his wife replied,
"Indeed she cried, that day her father died "
"A tragic tale," said he, "pray, tell me why"
“Her father died at sea”

And at the moment, when the sea swallowed
The man, so did it drown his daughter’s speech.
For words were too complaisant, for her grief.
So she resolved to silence at age three.
Alone she bore grief’s load.

For many years, the silent child, steadfast
In quiet grief, perplexed acquaintances
Attempting conversation. Then spaces
Of silence formed, creating the penances
Of herself, an outcast.

Until one day a sparrow landed on
Her window sill and chirped with happy mirth.
He sung of spring time, joy, and blithe new birth,
Blooming flowers, sunshine, and renewed earth.
In grief, she had forgone.

Then something dawned, that sparrows song, awoke
Emotions long ago forgot. Buried
So deep under all the grief she carried,
Was something simplistic and sweet, called joy.
She then smiled and spoke.

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