Every once in a while
I want you to look up
And laugh at the sky
May the bridges you burn light the way
Life is Art, so express yourself
By finding joy in the ordinary
You have a calling
Wake up, wake up, wake up, my living soul
You must first go in the wrong directions
To find the right way to go
Sometimes, the attempt takes a million and one tries
Don’t give up finding your path in this Wonderland
What if the great and wonderful Alice didn’t have the guts?
She was afraid
But she still went
Time after time, character after character, because she had to find her way home
She went down each and every road
No matter where the road lead
Alice kept walking to find her way home
There lies Alice in our hearts
The adventurer masked a doubtful loser
The little girl who in the end became a heroine
We all have a little bit of Alice hidden in our heads
Put our minds on positive energy to shed the mask
Live our life like the events are a happening movie
Enjoy the rides of chaos and smoothness
Now look into the sky
And do you see how beautiful you really are?
I hope so
Then maybe you’ll look up at the sky in awe more than occasionally

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