I want to tell you about this boy
Who stole my heart and I don't know why.
Like a bandit in the night,
Quiet and swift,
With gentle hands to ensure safe keeping.
At the blink of an eye,
What was only mine, locked up for safe keeping,
Is kept in the pocket of this stranger I now love,
For the joyride of my life on this journey we call love.
Long and winding, every bump and turn is worth it.
I put my hand outside as we race through this journey.
I feel the wind, it's invisible but strong, and always there.
Impossible to capture, impossible to forget,
Like the love he shares for me.
Not always vocal or captivating, but always there.
Like the storms that force him to put up the top,
Taking away some but not all of the beauty,
I don't always like him, and things aren't always clear.
But like the sun that comes to our rescue,
I always appreciate and love him.
Nothing is perfect,
Not him, not I,
Not this love, or even this ride.
If I could do it all over again,
He's the only one I'd choose to have by my side.

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