Don't judge me if you don't know me
is it the way i walk, or the way i talk
the way i dress or the way i comb my hair
dont judge me if you dont know me.

I often wonder why people judge each other
the madness,the hate,the fight,why the judging

Judge is the word that makes the world so full
of hate,violence,so powerful,will the world
come to an end, only one person knows

wheres the caring,helping,sharing and loving,
those the words of hope,peace,suceed,sucess
the people of the world will soon come together
as one to make a difference for i'll kids and
love ones.

stop! the judging, so this world can be an better place
for i'll furture,doctors,lawyers,football player,every
hopes and dreams for diffrent race.

Judge is a word that dont exist

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