Judge Me

As I look him in the eyes with a heart filled with hatred and lies,
Wishing he went through the constant nights of painful cries and more failed tries then stars in a clear night sky.

I remind him of all his hurtful sins and expect a fight to begin, waiting for a right cross to hit my chin, this was one fight he would not win.

Clenching my fist as I become really pissed, he says "remember all of her softball games missed or the feeling on your cheek when your daughter gives you a kiss? Can you even write all of your enemies down on a list? What about your loved ones and your relationship with the you always risk? "

He knew exactly what to say so that my mind would put every bad memory on replay, my heart torn like an old shirt that quickly frays, I can't take anymore of the abuse he continues to say, so I begin to pray and once again wipe the steam on the bathroom mirror away......

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