Judge Me

Judge me and I’ll tell you lies
Judge me cause I don’t care what you think as much as you do
The door on my cage is unlocked, unbolted and unhinged
It holds a door hanger from the hotel California that reads “you can’t disturb me even if its your lives mission”
Judge me and tell me my imperfections that you see through cloudy eyes and ill tell you that you truly are beautiful
Judge me using the flash cards and magazine articles that have been surgically placed in your hands so that I can see how I’m supposed to look according to the people that say it doesn’t matter if you walked on water this is the image you meant to create us in
Judge me and I’ll tell you that you really do have the prettiest smile in the world as if I’ve seen them all
Judge me by the clothes I wear and tell me that polos make me look more like a sophisticated and intelligent person as if no d-bag in the history of man kind has ever popped the collar on his pastel pink ralph lauren special
Judge me and I’ll tell you that people like you really matter in this world and the people you judge won’t ever make a difference because they’re not perfect
Judge me and I’ll tell you lies

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