Judgment Day

Why are you still in bed mia.. sprawled out in the sheets arms crossed you look dead mia. Get up brush your teeth brush your hair maybe for once just act like you care . Why dont you care mia? get up go to school stop writing about how life isn't fair. Put on your smile and gloss your lips stop taking endless sips of that damn coffee mia. Your teeth will fall out and then you wont ever have a chance to smile your life will go wrong and no will ever want to dance with you. dont you want to dance with someone mia. Be loved by a boy and not feel like just a toy mia.

Stop looking at the ceiling mia as if the answers to your unspoken question are engraved up on your fan and you always lay down did you forget how to stand. Don't cry mia your makeup is done and once it is on you must Look like you have fun.. why are you not fun mia. This is why your friends are scarce and the people call you names why are you so reserved mia. Stand up don't for once you want to be heard. Have a point, speak your mind and stand mia

Why are you stressed....get up its time to go.. youre not even dressed mia. Take a deep breath suck it up this isn't death. Stop getting overwhelmed by nothing mia its like youre in another realm mia. Life isn't a fantasy take your head out the clouds, and your body out of bed mia, why are you still in bed mia.

Stop caring what they think mia. Hold your eyes open dont you dare blink mia. For the tears will spill out and no one wants to care. Smile for the photo..so everyone can see it and pretend that they DONT know.. that your forced white teeth and blazing eyes are not much more than blatant lies. take off the disguise mia let them see the paint on your face and ignored the faint /w of despair that burns through your skin . Stop scratching your skin mia. You'll scar your legs and ruin your shins. Tan them, tone Them, and leave them alone. And God mia get off the damn phone. It's why youre always alone. But answer the text, who are you to not mia, youre no better than the next.

Stop lying mia.. tell us how you feel and open up your heart. It's not a big deal mia. as if names dont make you fall apart and stones dont break your bones, why are you cold mia. Hug me and love on me like you want to deep down mia. Why are you scared mia.. get out of bed and face the damn day mia. Brush your hair and know what to say .. I'm worried mia. Stop making me worry mia.

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