Judicious Fire

He will come to burn the priest and the liar.
On that day no man good or bad, will him desire.
Fiercely, he will make the world evil no more
Burning it in his chastening fire
He will bring his flames door to door.
Dropping any saint and scorching any whore.
The world forgotten he’d come
Now their ashes all hit the floor
In that day of fervor when his humanity will be all gone
His face will be resolute, charred, and ...drawn, harassed
Maybe then they’ll finally realize
How hot the inferno that was written about in days passed
And that last raging day of fire with an absence of ice
They will stand for their guilt and pay the pyrectic price
And face the judicious wrath of the refiner’s fire.
Oh how vehement the day, The Second Coming Of Christ

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