Juliet’s suicide

This vial, this vile vial...
My own life it could defile..
Defile, define, my life it does...
It could destroy all that was. 
The friar, he's an honest man.. 
Trust him, I think I can..
But the church, he has defied..
By helping us, to god he's lied..
Is this his wrong becoming right?
By drinking this vial do I enter the light?
Or do I awaken, in forty two hours?
What are this vials medicinal powers?
Ill drink, to my own young life.
To the man who calls me wife.
To my father, and my mother.
To the friar and no other.
I hear voices, not far away.
Voices I recognize from another day. 
Is this the beyond?
The voices call out, but I can't respond. 
Is this how I will live?
Is this all god had to give?
Eternal life is full of pain. 
If this is death, I did not gain. 
Maybe the potions starting to fade. 
Maybe death I did evade. 
Maybe I'll soon be completely awake. 
And this deep slumber will finally break. 

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