Jumbo jets versus jays and jackdaws

If only we could fly like
those that tweet or hoot
without aid of jet or

For I sure don't like
wings that roar
just so they can take off
and soar

Ah, to fly without petrol, diesel
or fuel
Oh, to halt that taloned midair

Birds they don't pollute
the air
nor need they any airline

So if only I too could rise
and glide
and let the wind be my
sole guide

I'd be happy to fly all the
way to 'em' stars
if I was assured I'd risk
no charring scars.

Flying without aviation
I could be sightseeing
many more cities

Ah I so wish to fly just
like a jay or jackdaw
Then I'd fly across all and
every border
For I'd know nor follow
no man-made law!

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