black and brown was all I’d seen
melanin soaked skin shinin’ with a gleam
even under the angry weight of the white world
our mornings are made of new blinding light
combating the opaque of this pearl

we are in no position to mistake the beat beneath our bone
to be not the watermark soul God gave us along with our throne
see we can’t just forget this humanity planting seeds in our veins
Less we remain a farce, feigning superior
We are only
human with a soft chewy
divine interior
our divinity cannot be denied or our numbness will be demanded
And I can no longer know numb
That bitch is easy but in our home easy has never been alive

It is life we cannot concede
Ours to have; ours to hold.
Love and life that we cannot bereave

Mother Nature will smile

So it is to her trees who tease the boundaries of space with grandstands
That I owe my thirst to discovery
To my self and My motherland
Kenya gave me enough love to bless all of Bethlehem

so it is with her voice singing in my locks that I crusade
too sun-kissed too nourished too soaked in oil of olay
too resilient to be drowned too free to be constricted
too conscious to be afraid still outraged by verdict

i am not only a heart no longer heavy
but am the strength and resolve I’ve grown
to be steady

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