I need you to stay.
Make me feel like you love me.
If only for the moment.
Chain reactions, explosions between bodies.
Chemical dependancies, hooked on you.
Running through my veins, shot to the heart.
In my heart of hearts i know what you are.
The biggest of frauds.
Do what you can to control me.
I succumb to your sweet escape...

I need you to leave.
My better judgement, warns me.
Tries to protect me, tells me.
You aren't what i need.
The love addicts mentality.
Keeps me here, glutton for brutality.
Damaged goods, cuz hurt people.
They HURT people.
And my scars are deep like roots are to a tree.
For my love for thee.
Just isn't any good for ME.

But i'll love you for eternity....

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