just confess
thats what they say
your in love with him
i say i dont
but my body betrays me
red face
hands shaking
but my hearts breaking
we shared every thought as children
we have a bond so deep
but he started as a imaginary friend
turns out he wasn't
he is real
i meet him
has his life together
while mine falls apart.
Both of us
but share one world
have power
that none but us see
we have known each other before this world started
only read about in books
we hide our secret
but i hide my true feelings
about him
the passion
the pain
but i know he feels what i do
and i feel what he feels
even if we are miles away
he used to talk to me as
a voice, quietly
inside my head.
and i could hear his
i felt his pain
who he loved
but he hides
a deeper secret
I Know its about me
but i try and pry
but he shuts me out
i want more
i want him
I tell the truth
i swear it
i want to know so much more
we both shut our passion
for each other out
try and forget our pain
as we try over and over again
hes seen me with
different faces
different names
in every kind of way
i just
i just
i just
i cant even say it
or in a whisper
but inside i know the truth
but its hard to face it
so ill type it small
im in love with him
there i said it
but it doesnt lessen my pain
his pain
our pain
my pain
my pain...

he will never understand
why i love him

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