“Just a Body”

Ultraviolet rays
violently permeate the atmosphere
& in the open-air
on this farmer’s market day,
condensation will surely form
in the chasms between fabric and flesh.

her limbs are unencumbered
& white fabric dangles loose
over dilated areolas.
She glides with each progression
from ears of corn
to jars of crab-apple jelly.

Censorious pupils monitor
uncovered movements of the divested
& yearn to deposit her
into an unbending box of being.

Prints of a woman’s bare flesh
repeatedly prove
most arduous to pry free
from within the confines of memory.

She perceives these pessimisms
these fraudulent burdens of being.

But a female body,
it is just a body.

& in the open-air
on this farmer’s market day,
her skin is freed
from the material of concealment
all while picking McIntosh apples
from a basket of green plastic.

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