Just a Cowboy

I went out like the others
Full of breakfast knowing
From now on for two weeks
I had to survive on Cookies food

Mornings came early, too early
The ground was hard but I slept
The day was long and the sun hot

The saddle get to a man in a painful
Way after sittin in it all day and
Riding hard. But on we rode, all of us

These cattle had to make it to
Market and it was we who got
'em there. Counted, put in pens
The cattle, not us

Now many of those cows are in
Your grocery store, under plastic
Put there by folks who didn't really
Know about them like we do
Butchered, put on grills, served
To laughing friends with beer
I didn't put 'em there....

I was just one of the cowboys....

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