Just A Dream?

I felt the green grass sliding through my toes like wet sand.
I could hear the mockingbird singing its sweet songs like slow jazz music.
I tasted blue air that drenched me like pouring rain.
I saw nothing; pitch black.
I reached out, but you weren't there.
My legs went numb and my eyes melted.
I turned around and there you were.
Smiling with your blue eyes.
Blood running down your lips and head.
I woke up looking at a girl in a hospital bed.
A boy with blue eyes yelled, "Wake up Amber, Amber wake up."
The machine was buzzing.
The boy left the room.
I walked up to the girl and touched her face.
I woke up lying in a hospital bed.
A boy with blue eyes was crying holding my hand.
He whispered, "Amber, I love you."
I whispered back, "I love you too."

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