Just a Friend

I wasn't planning on falling in love with you again tonight,
I'm sorry if you're not ready for this conversation,
But I can't let you pass up my life.
You said you don't have time for me physically,
But I know you've remembered me yesterday, today
And for the last five years-coincidently-
This isn't the first time we've met,
so why don't we leave, you and me?
You say you're not ready yet?
We were already once"one."
I never forgot you, and that's why
Every relationship of mine's been un-done.
We both can see with no waver of uncertainty,
This connection is that of a soul-mate times eternity.
Though I don't have a problem with this emotional affair,
I'd love to hear, not read your voice,
Feel your lips, feel your hips, feel you physically there.
Just a hug by the cliff with the breeze in your hair
The ocean as beautiful as your body
But to your soul, it could never compare
I used to love to run my fingertips across you gently
The loving caress, slow and soft the way you were to me.
So glad that we're getting back to near
You're my best friend, my bestest friend.
And even a friend, if just a friend.I still need you here.

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