just a glimps

I couldn't see much from the gleam in His crown. But at the site of His glory all my pride bowed down. surrounded by clouds , high above earth....He was on the throne doing a mighty work! Far below.. I saw thousands of saints ... their hands lifted high ... praising His name! Then I saw Him as He was .. How humbly He walked among men!... Until they nailed Him to a cross .... where He died for our sins. I saw the empty tomb .... with the stone rolled away! He had risen from death..... on that third awesome day! I watched Him acsend into heavan on high ..... by a cloud He was lifted... I couldn't believe my eyes! I cant help but think of all the time that's been lost... living as though our savior never left the cross. I cant put into words how it all made me feel. Though I know what I saw was so very real . In my struggle I believe He wanted me to know that He is very much alive and still in control. He is awaking the true church that will soon come forth vessels of His glory..... to be revealed through all the earth. It was as if I could see from the beginning until now His great plan of salvation for our good working out! Surely His ways and His thoughts are not ours! He has no equal and there's no limit to His power. I was overcome by my emotions for the rest of that day .. to think of such a King that would come to us this way! To a God like Him what could we possibly bring? yet He loved us so much.... He gave everything! -by Shawna N.(true story)

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Over a year ago I had just gone through some pretty heavy betrayals and hardships.It seemed I had taken one blow one right after the other for about three years prior.It put me in a depression of some sort.I felt burned out, empty, hopeless and it almost caused me to lose my faith.But faith was all I had and so I was seeking Him diligently for about a year at the time when oneday I had what I believe now was a vision while on my way to pick my daughter up from school.I didn't consider it to be a vision at the time because it happened so quick that when I would tell someone about it I described it as a glimpse.Though it happened so fast it revealed alot... Actually changing the way I see Jesus. I was overcome with my emotions for the rest of the day.I couldn't stop crying.I was so amazed by Him and how unbelievable good He is.