Just a Glimpse

I don’t know how to crawl out from this rock I've seemed to have wedge myself under. Days only seem to get worse by the minutes that tick by.

The utter pain of unhappiness is something I've grown into throughout my life. I just only ask that every so often a ray of sunshine shines down upon me. But being this far down it seems , I’m not even able feel its warmth.

Lonely, sadden, broken hearted, Oh I’ve come to know these far to well indeed. My will has been tested far beyond I care it to be, an sadly I see no change in site.

My heart aches simply because I am not the person I thought I was, or needed to become. I look at my reflection, an don't even know the person glaring back at me.

Get out of my head, get out of my heart, get out of my memories that still linger so deeply within.

Everyone has a different version of happy. I just wish I could find my mine, even just for a moment.

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