Just A Little About Me

By Da Poet   

Back where I was born there were fields of corn.
Back when I was young I loved to play in the sun.
Before I left wide opened spaces and pristine fresh air.
Back where the nights were calm without a care.

I fell through a window at three years old.
It’s such an intriguing story, as stories are told.
Until now.
I was struck by a steel girder that split my skull.

Already a walking disaster with much more to tell.
Remove from the environment to which I was known.
Left those wide opened spaces that I freely roamed.
Separated from all these things which I called my home.

Introduced to congestion, pollution, an over crowded maze.
They called it a city with no roads, however, plenty freeways.
Houses cramped together like sardines in a can.
No wide opened spaces I didn’t understand?

Lonely for the habitat in which I was raised,
but curious about the city and all it’s new ways.
I felt strange in this place like a fish out of water,
however, I must adapt and overcome just like I ought to.

I made a friend and his name was Fred.
To this day I don’t know what happened to him,
I guess Freddy is dead?
We had some great times, we became the best of friends.
It’s very sad in this case that our friendship did end.

I slowly got familiar with the other kids on the block,
but it took some time, cause mother had me on lock.
I could continue with this story, but it would take a few days,
but at least you know a little about me, cause it’s on display.

To be continued...


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