Just a Minute

Have you ever put things aside and thought as you did, I'll do it in just a minute?
Then after days passed you realized that you had forgotten all about it?
These things albeit ever so small are the ones that ultimately fulfill and or make us.
They may be so minuet to you, so why go through putting it off or making a fuss?
The point I'm making is that we are given little things to slow us down for some reason
Yet we find excuses to avoid them and speed up as if completing them would be treason
I realized in a scary way that there is a reason for everything that is placed before me
After I almost died rushing speeding through a slick spot and almost crashed into a massive tree.
I know a little more now than ever at least more than the day before
And just maybe if I wait or prolong a small task I might end up living no more.
I wait sometimes out of being lazy and then think why don't I just get it done?
Then the rest of my day won't be so hectic or hard on me where I have to hurry or run?
For the most part it all seems to work out in my favor at least in some small way
So now I'm humbled and forever I'll be thankful for the opportunity to seize this day.

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    This Poems Story

    I'm constantly taking up time and don't like to be rushed , yet I tend to procrastinate. I cause it on my self and then I realize that I need to get more organized. If not for my rushed slow way I'd probably have more free time to enjoy my day. So the small tasks I try to achieve first then deal with the rest weather better or plain worst!