Just a Name

By Reverie   

Should I say
the name
that sends you flying towards the clouds?
Or repeat
The word
That sends you jumping at the sound?
Though it is just one name
Just that one name
It is the one
That has your heart acclaimed.

it isn't
Just a name,
is it?
If it were
just a name,
all these feelings
wouldn't be shut in.

These feelings,
the fluttery
butterfly's wings,
Or how the name just keeps
whirling around,
and left echoing
Around your head
Inside your heart,
they wouldn't be there
Every time you exhale
the name,
Would it feel like inhaling
fresh air?

"Oh but it's
Just a name."
That's what everyone else says,
But if it were
just a name
Would it keep appearing
in your head?

You wouldn't
Make up,
an alias of that name,
Even if when you say the code
Your heart races all the same.
The only advantage
is that no one else knows
That name that circles
in your head
And your love that just
grows and grows.

So should I
pronounce it?
That name that causes joy?
That name that just
At it's mere sound
Reminds you of that one boy?
Hm maybe not,
Because with the
Reading of these lines
This name is in your mind
firmly inscribed.

My work
Is done here,
There is nothing else to relay
Now that you surely know
It is really not
Just a name.

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This Poems Story

What happens when the name of one's beloved comes to mind? This poem describes it all. It isn't just a name, because that "simple" name means the world to the reader.