Just a passing dream, I think not

A message in the awakening night, my once adoring love affair moment, as she move
swiftly within a small crowd, advancing more towards me, while now respiring a lot more,
how my longing secrets revert quickly into a challenging reality of desire, to the very
fragrance that floats so sweetly around the stretch of her luxurious hair, reaching hands
eager to touch as much as draw her even closer toward this raging heart of joy, awaken and
not finding her there, just her once lovely smell in the air of my growing agony of despair,
how quickly those eyes of mine become soaked easily beyond compare, now raining equally
with this broken heart of mine, together creatively resonating with this song like melody
at the very same time, beating rhythmically in lieu of her once framed daydream in the
still of night. My anointed love affair, my stretch of a perplexing night, how I miss and love
her presence ever more since leaving me this way forever.

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