Just a Second

The gun that nearly killed my brother
Was purchased legally, paperwork done
Not automatic, manual
A handgun
Bought for home defense and also
A concealed carry and they even showed
A neat little holster, bought at Walmart
Same receipt as the ammo
Same receipt as the bullet
The one that nearly killed my brother
He’d had a rough day they said
Not my brother,
The other citizen
Though my brother did too
He’d never acted like this before
This other
But in the dark
And in the drunk
Anyone could look intimidating
Maybe if my brother had put his hands up
But in a non-aggressive way
In the drunken dark
Maybe then the bullet would have stayed put
Stayed in its magazine
Or its chamber
I don’t know guns
Endangering myself
And also my brother I suppose
Maybe as that A misconstrued my B
I could have seen and stopped it.
Stopped his B
With another
Perhaps I’ll go and get one now
Hard not to after what happened
After that bullet nearly killed my brother
But only because of the way his head hit the ground
Which was the official cause of death

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